I work with clients one on one, in groups or online.
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We provide comprehensive reports for the valuation of your business.  The valuation reports can be used for designing your succession plan, or for the merger or sale of your business. See the examples below.

This workshop is designed to bring your teams and upper management together so they can formulate the initiatives allowing for the focused goals to be accomplished. This workshop gets your company on track, and produces immediate results. To see a sample of one of our Hacking the Gap Matrix’s please click here to download the sample.

Our succession planning process is designed to identify a successful successor and to develop a strategy that can be implemented in a reasonable time frame to accomplish your objectives of transferring your knowledge and skills to a new person capable of managing and running your business successfully.

Developing a budget for your business is essential for the successful operation of your business and to be used as a guidepost to control any expense abortions.  Your cash flow analysis informs you as to the inflow and outflow of money on a consistent basis allowing for consistent adjustment if necessary to maintain positive cash flow.  The margin analysis provides an indicator of how well the business is managing expenses as well as gross sales.  The ratio between the gross sales and net profits allows us to adjust pricing and expenses to improve our overall margin.

Sales Forecasting is a critical tool that allows us to measure from year to year the percentages of increase we are looking to achieve in sales. Accurate forecasting provides reasonable goals for the organization to reach for, while also allowing for adjustment if market conditions affect the forecasts.  Your sales training of your overall salesforce is a crucial on-going process to develop the best salespeople, having an integrated customer relations management system can and usually is the difference between a well-run organization with great customer service and follow up and one that is mediocre at best.

Not all automated customer service software are the same, and the last thing you want is a system that is complicated and to time consuming for your customer service representative and sales people.  There are lots of choices, let us help you decide on the best CRM for your business.

Purposeful Solutions

I work with clients one on one, in groups or online.
Whatever you’re choosing, I’m happy to get started today!

Our leadership development workshop and one-to-one coaching is designed to create the best leadership in your organization.  We apply the principles of the servant leadership models which foster commitment and dedication and build competence and character in your leaders.

We are only as good as the people we hire to assist us in achieving our goals.  Finding the best talent requires a skill set and system to weed out the mismatches and identify the best candidates. Let us assist you in your coordinated efforts to create a system that will help you keep the best candidates coming through your doors.

Our strategic planning workshop utilized our proprietary Hacking the Gap Matrix.  This process and system helps your teams and upper management identify the critical initiatives to your organization’s growth.  The tool then allows the management to assign and track the progress of the initiatives providing for measurable results and the desired outcomes.

The Hacking the Gap coaching program is specifically designed to inspire, and help to remove the mental blocks that can be effecting some of your best employees.  We utilize the latest positive psychology and approaches to transform your employees.

Company retreats are a great place to build the morale of the employees of your organization.  It is also the place where you define and or alter the organizational vision while including your upper level management team in the process. Let us help you design, lead and implement your next company retreat.

Teamwork is at the heart of any great business. Discovering what makes your teams congeal and work together effectively, efficiently and to communicate with the least amount of resistance reducing your operational costs and eliminating mistakes.  Let us evaluate the people and personalities that work the best together within your organization and will produce the greatest measurable results.

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