The Book

Hacking the gap: A Journey from Intuition to Innovation & Beyond

Gain the clarity necessary to take your ideas from an intuitive thought to innovating a new product or service. In these first two chapters discover the magic and power of your intuition.


A Journey From Intuition to Innovation & Beyond

Interspersed throughout this adventure are personal stories, jewels of wisdom and precious nuggets of advice garnered from his own hard fought battles—the learning lessons of life.

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  • IntuitionListening Deeply
    Our natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence: a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.
  • InsightThe A-Ha Moment
    It Is the sudden understanding or grasp of a concept that is often described as an “Aha” moment—an event that is typically rewarding and pleasurable. Usually, the insights remain in our memory as lasting impressions.
  • IdeasCapture And Record
    It Is any concept existing in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness or activity. A thought conception, or notion. Our ideas must be captured and recorded if we are ever to make anything from them.
  • InspirationKnowing It's Right
    It is the divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate a sacred revelation. This is the point where we have a knowing that our idea is “right” and we need to take action to manifest it into reality.
  • IncubationMaturation Process
    To cause or aid the development of an idea through the process of creating the favorable conditions to further the design and features of our product or service.
  • IgnitionManaging Your Energy
    Is the point in which we gain lift off of our product or service. The importance of gaining the momentum prior to lift off is associated with the ability to manage our personal energy effectively to prevent burn out as an entrepreneur.
  • InnovationCreating And Building
    It is the introduction of something new, or making changes to anything that is established. This is the point at which we are ready to build, develop and create our product just prior to announcing our new product or service to the world.
  • Implementation Growing Your Business
    This stage can be the most difficult of all the stages. It is when we put into effect and fulfill on our product or service. We are producing, delivering and fulfilling on our client’s desires to own our new product or service. Here we get to see our dreams turn into reality.

Inside, you’ll be led through the twists and turns of this lifechanging journey of courage, renewal, inspiration, and unbounded possibilities. These gifts emerge from our own shift in awareness as you learn to “Hack the Gap.”

What You’ll Learn:


– Apply mindset applications in our daily life that spark more creative ideas.

– Capture and record our great ideas, and filter the best ideas into our next great product or service.

– Develop our ideas through the stages of design, testing to full implementation.

– Find the path of least resistance while growing personally and professionally and reaching our greatest human potential.

– Filter out the distractions that keep us from focusing on what’s most important

– Learn how to connect the dots in our subconscious mind that allow for the breakthroughs that evolve our ideas to the next stage of development

– Set up the perfect conditions to create and maintain “flow”—the nexus of creativity.

– And much more

Meet the Author: Greg Voisen, creator of ‘Hacking the Gap’, is an author, creative consultant and thought leader in the human potential movement.

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